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Logistics label also known as logistics shipping label,freight label... , widely used in logistics companies, express companies, e-commerce companies and other companies. Logistics Labels displays the information to direct packages to the correct destinations, track them throughout each stage, and ensure the correct service is provided. They are designed to be read by humans and machines, and so they need to be clear and easy to read. White paper, available in 5*5cm/5*10cm /10*10cm.
Kunshan HMC Release Materials Co.,Ltd is advanced China OEM Logistics Label Company and Logistics Label factory. Cover an area of 1,500,000 square feet, have 129,166 square feet of high clean and dust-free production workshop. OEM/ODM Logistics Label is available. We also Wholesale these products. Welcome to visit our factory amd get ideal paper and label solution. We have our own processing plants and sales channels, and we produce and sell products at low price.

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We have many professional personnel, and try to be the first brand of packaging and release materials industry in China.


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