MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll Manufacturers

  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll
  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll
  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll
  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll
  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll
  • MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll

MG Foaming Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper

Yanghua Paper can provide MG Foaming kraft paper for PU foaming. Also provide MG kraft paper raw material for many other industries. Width can customized from 50mm to 2600mm as per your requirement.Both Virgin and Recycle quality are available, Brown and White color .

virgin 50mm-2600mm 50-500 brown/white
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  • Location: China
    Business Type: Manufacturer exporter
    Brands: YangHua
    Certificate: Certificate of origin
    Minimum order quantity: 1 roll
    Price: Consultation
    Packing details: Waterproof
    Delivery time: 35 days after payment
    Payment method: 30% Advance by TT,LC at sight

Custom MG Foaming Paper Manufacturers

These products are involved in the use of areas include sponge manufacturing, steel manufacturing, medical, food packaging, bag making and other industries. The product categories include sponge foam separation paper, rust-proof packaging paper, composite woven fabric, aluminized film, medical non-woven fabric, aluminum plastic Composite film, etc. We have our own processing plants and sales channels, and we produce and sell products at low prices. We mainly produce film coated paper, release paper and liner, etc. various packaging materials from Yanghua Paper - leading MG foaming Paper Manufacturers and MG Kraft Paper roll suppliers.

  • Application

  • Packaging

    Used in daily packaging, paper bags, food packaging and other packaging fields

  • Decoration

    Our release paper can be used for self adhesive flooring, self adhesive wall stickers, self adhesive wall cloth and other materials

  • Advertisement

    Could be applied to AD materials,, tape, composite materials and other industries.

  • Garment Industry

    Used for garment board making, drawing and CAD printing

  • Health & Medical

    Our release paper can be used for dressing, wound dressing, baby diaper, sanitary napkin, plaster, etc

  • More ...

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